AmazonNavigatorDiscover how you can harness the power of the greatest retail giant on the Internet: AMAZON

We’ve all shopped with Amazon.  In fact, it’s probably the first place you look when you’re in the market for a new book, CD, or video but did you know you could be putting your own content in front of Amazon’s millions of daily visitors?

Have you considered using Amazon’s marketplace as a way to gain new customers?

When it comes to selling online, Amazon has been at the forefront.   Started in 1995 from a Seattle living room, has grown into one of the largest retailers in the world.

The Amazon marketplace is a huge place with hundreds of twisting turning paths you can wander down and be lost for days. But when your income depends on getting your content out there in front of an audience,  you don’t have time to draw your own map.  You need a plan!

AMAZON NAVIGATOR  is just what you need to keep you on the right path from start to finish, while giving you just the information you need.

In this eBook, you’ll find out:

  • What to do about getting an ISBN
  • How to price your content competitively
  • How to take your blog beyond WordPress with Kindle
  • How to make it possible for libraries and schools to buy your book
  • 7 formatting problems that can get your project rejected before you even start
  • 10 methods you can use to get the word out about your new Amazon product
  • Where to go to find help

This quick-read, easy to understand ebook really is your roadmap to success in the self-publishing world. Do yourself, and your business, a favor and grab a copy today.

If you’re looking for an added income stream you can use to further diversify your income,  look no further than Amazon Navigator.  This is a must read!

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