AffiliateArmySecretsWant to know how you can build a massive sales force of affiliates to generate profits for you?

That’s the question you may be asking yourself after spending heaps of time, money and effort creating your own product.

This is where affiliate marketing comes in. You’ll get someone to take your products, sell loads of it, and earn a cut of the overall sales

You see, when you create a product, you are a businessman. An online entrepreneur. And entrepreneurs don’t do all the paper work, balance accounts and clean up the place – They hire people to do all those for them!

You can’t spend time taking on all of these duties by yourself if you want to expand your business fast.

Imagine this:

An army of affiliates amounting in the hundreds.. Promoting your products all over the world. it’s true that you have to pay them huge commissions, but that will be dwarfed by the amount of overall profits you’ll reap, won’t it?

AFFILIATE ARMY SECRETS will reveal to you all you’ve ever wanted to know about having a massive army of affiliates who will promote your products like zombies and all you’ll need to do is sit back and reap the harvest!

A few things you’ll discover in this guide include:

  • Why promoting your product through an affiliate network is the easiest way for affiliates to get paid
  • Setting a good commission payout so your affiliates will be happily motivated and your sales rates skyrocket
  • Other methods to motivate your affiliates and have them pumped and ready to pull in massive profits for you
  • Important tools you need to provide your affiliates or they will be disheartened and walk out on you
  • How to get news of your launch across to prospective affiliates effectively and powerfully
  • Reasons why you should offer a review copy of your product to your affiliates to explode their numbers
  • One off-line place where you can recruit potential affiliates while enjoying yourself at the same time
  • Using the forum to keep an eye on your rivals and promote your product without sweat
  • Why some marketers out there rave about the ‘Two Tier’ affiliate system and how it explodes your affiliate foot soldier platoon size like nothing else
  • A sneaky, little known method that brings you free and quality traffic for your product and affiliate programs
  • Leveraging on web 2.0 as a free and effective affiliate recruitment center
  • One simple tool journalists use that could generate fast and furious interest in your affiliate products

Either continue to do things they way they are , hope for change and wonder why you haven’t attracted top selling affiliates to your sites …


ArrowRightLBlueSmall Grab a guide which shows you the no BS, simple yet detailed method of attracting hordes and hordes of affiliates who will willingly and desperately want to promote your products for you.

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