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The Cure for Shiny Object Syndrome

Howdy Ya’ll…

Do you suffer from the dreaded S.O.S?

Shiny Object Syndrome is a recognized online disease that

eats away at

your bank account.

I’ve suffered from it, Thomas has and I’m guessing you

probably have as


Thomas blew $5,000 while suffering from it!

He knows people who have done close to $60,000!

Scary, huh?

Anyway, Thomas did something extraordinary.

He took a look at all the successful Internet Marketer’s and


something they all had in common and followed suit.

Wise move, as he found the cure!

Thomas broke free of the S.O.S grip and went on to bank

$11,638 in just

7 days!

Incredible, right?

And he’s gone one better…

He’s put the exact steps he took into a product and is pretty

much giving

it away!

If you’re suffering from the dreaded S.O.S then you need




How To Create Video Sales Ads In 6 Easy Steps!

VideoSalesMadeEasyHow many emails do you open each day that send you to a page that has video?  I bet you’ve lost count.

Thanks to YouTube, videos have fueled a “visual flame” that continues to grow at staggering rates each year!

Every time you turn around, someone has a video for you to watch, whether it’s on a squeeze page, sales letter or YouTube.

Since videos have been proven over and over again to convert your ads more than the written word, it stands to reason to want to utilize this medium for all it’s worth.

We’ve got a great product that will have you converting leads into buyers at an accelerating pace, so let me introduce you to VIDEO SALES ADS MADE EASY.

These are the main features of the program in step-by-step videos:

  • The easiest and simplest way to create your own mini sales ad using free tools both on your computer and online.
  • Where to get professional inexpensive royalty-free music beds/clips for your video.
  • How to use professional transition effects in your videos.  This is brain-dead simple.
  • Simple copy-n-paste website code that allows your viewers to see your video WITHOUT the player controls.
  • The video file format that you need to save the video to, once it’s complete.
  • How to convert that file to the proper format so that it’s compatible and viewable by most viewers and browsers.

Here’s what you’re going to receive when you download today:

2 flash videos totaling 29 minutes and 56 seconds detailing every step from start to finish.

Embed code to insert your video onto your web page.  Just copy-n-paste where you want the video to be seen.

Resource PDF for quick access to the tools referenced in the videos (no having to search on Google, I’ll give you a quick-link to save you time).

The PDF is a 27 page special report on

  1. How to have fun and make profits with online videos!
  2. Easy steps to earn money online on YouTube
  3. Video marketing techniques
  4. How to get paid posting videos
  5. The art of using video to sell your products
  6. Using video to get more traffic
  7. Internet Marketing Videos 101

P.S.  I’ve included 25 professional music tracks as a bonus. This is royalty-free music which you can use it in a YouTube video, podcast, audio postcard and anywhere you can think of.


Create Your First Video In 10 Minutes!

Video CourseThe question on everyone’s lips is, how can I make money online? Where do I start, how do I do it? Is it difficult?

It’s not difficult if you learn how to work smartly.

By smartly…I mean by utilizing a complete, done-for-you video course to  show you the quickest and easiest way to build a passive income online, one that can eventually allow you to leave your current job and start living the life you want to live.

We are going to provide you with EVERYTHING you need to get started; the products, the website graphics, the sales letters, you name it…

You will learn exactly how to build your own profitable sites and you will then have a quality product to sell online.

You will receive the Video Course which consists of 10 videos and MP3’s that have been built by Mr. Ben Hulme personally (not outsourced). You will be able to literally look over his shoulder while he shows you each and every step to building your own profitable website.

Titles of Videos:

  • #1: Getting Started – Domain names and hosting
  • #2: What software to build your website in
  • #3: How to build your website from scratch
  • #4: Putting content and products to your website
  • #5: How to create your very own video for free
  • #6: How to put your video to online video websites
  • #7: How to accept payment online
  • #8: How to publish your website to the internet
  • #9: How to use Click Bank
  • #10: How to use Facebook to its full potential

That’s over 60 minutes of hard hitting action that won’t leave you guessing. Immediately after watching these videos, you’ll be able to create your first video in 10 minutes or less.

You are going to learn a very powerful business model that can be replicated over and over again.

You get Full International Master Resale Rights to these videos so you can watch them again and again and copy them to produce your own powerful websites that sell time and time again.

You just need to be willing to learn and believe in yourself and your success.