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SEO Backlinks: How Important Are They?

SurefireBacklinksDid you know that if you are ranked #1 in Google, then you are getting most of the traffic?

But if you are ranked #2, then you get 40% less and it keeps cutting down?

It’s a fact that if you aren’t ranked in the top 3, you won’t get that much traffic from Google or the other search engines.

In order to get better rankings, there is on-page optimization which consists of making sure the quality of the content is both user friendly and search engine friendly.  Secondly, off-page optimization, which consists of backlinks going back to your site.


In this video series, you’ll have access to six content-packed videos that show you how to drive traffic to your site and to position your site with the search engines.

  • Video #1 – Introduction to the Backlinks Blueprint
  • Video #2 – Backlink Ninja Trick – EDU
  • Video #3 – Backlink Ninja Trick – GOV
  • Video #4 – Backlink Ninja Trick – Articles Are Not Dead
  • Video #5 – SEO Trick – Facebook
  • Video #6 – Backlink Explosion Trick And Automation

Now in this video series, you are going to learn how to produce quality backlinks from quality sites AND how to keep your content ranking high, without worrying about getting effected by the Google slap.

Learn How to Do It The Right Way Because You Can Easily Get Lost in Trying To Create 1000’s and 1000’s of Low Quality Backlinks…so what that said…

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Do You Want To Know How The SEO Experts Do It?

BacklinkFloodYou can have your content rank and links indexed in less than 24 hours, and start driving targeted traffic and sales in less than ONE WEEK!

Who doesn’t want that because we all know that a steady stream of FREE high quality traffic coming from the search engines is the “holy grail” of internet marketing.

I know that’s a pretty bold promise but SEO doesn’t have to be a long and slow process.

That’s why Backlink Flood was created. It’s your proven blueprint to getting ranked for highly valuable keywords, getting tons of links and traffic, and making money from your site in the shortest amount of time possible.

Following my step-by-step blueprint you will learn…

  • How To Exploit Rapid Link Indexing
  • The Correct Way To Use Parasite Hosting
  • How To Build An “Authority Wheel” That Works
  • Multi-Level Linking Explained
  • Keyword Research Done RIGHT
  • How Social Bookmarking Can Rapidly Boost Your Link Building Efforts
  • An In Depth Understanding Of How Links REALLY Work

I’ll show you everything from the basics of SEO all the way to the most advanced techniques out there… All of them are EXTREMELY effective and most have NEVER been published anywhere before.

When you download Backlink Flood, I don’t want you to think the information was “pretty good”, or “worth the asking price”. I want you to look back and say “Wow, learning this stuff was really the turning point for my online business.”

The ultimate goal of SEO is traffic… And the ultimate goal of traffic is making money, and that’s what this system is all about. Building REAL authority sites that generate TONS of organic traffic, while earning money within the very first week.

P.S.  I’ve included 2 very special bonuses to help you achieve your goal of getting more SEO traffic.