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The Cure for Shiny Object Syndrome

Howdy Ya’ll…

Do you suffer from the dreaded S.O.S?

Shiny Object Syndrome is a recognized online disease that

eats away at

your bank account.

I’ve suffered from it, Thomas has and I’m guessing you

probably have as


Thomas blew $5,000 while suffering from it!

He knows people who have done close to $60,000!

Scary, huh?

Anyway, Thomas did something extraordinary.

He took a look at all the successful Internet Marketer’s and


something they all had in common and followed suit.

Wise move, as he found the cure!

Thomas broke free of the S.O.S grip and went on to bank

$11,638 in just

7 days!

Incredible, right?

And he’s gone one better…

He’s put the exact steps he took into a product and is pretty

much giving

it away!

If you’re suffering from the dreaded S.O.S then you need




MobileProfitsIf you do NOT utilize mobile marketing, you will NOT be able to reach at least 70% of the customers you were supposed to get.

Currently, one-third of the population around the world have mobile internet access, which is twice as many as the number of those who have personal computers with internet connection.

For those reasons, we’ve developed MOBILE PROFITS 101…and the fact that email marketing has become more difficult due to Spam protection.

MOBILE PROFITS 101 is a step-by-step video course that takes you by the hand to show you how to do this quickly and easily to increase your sales.

Here’s a list of this 6 part video series in more detail:

  • VIDEO #1:  Introduction to Mobile Marketing
  • VIDEO #2:  DO’s and DON’Ts (Common Sense Stuff
  •  VIDEO #3:  Gathering Your List of Leads
  •  VIDEO #4:  Send Voice Messages to your Leads
  •  VIDEO #5:  Send Unlimited Text Alerts
  • VIDEO #6:  Creating Apps for Mobile phones (I phone, Droid)

With Mobile Marketing, the delivery of messages is fast and controllable and you don’t have to worry about that SPAM folder.

ArrowRight2BlueClick here to start learning how to use Mobile Profits 101 right away.

This is an opportunity to increase your sales and deepen your customer relationships so ACT Now.

There’s Magic In Having A Firesale!

FiresaleMagicianWhat if I told you there is a marketing plan so simple, yet so powerful, that once you put it to work you’ll wonder why everyone’s not doing it? Would you be interested?

When you need to raise money fast, build a list of buying customers, or just improve your revenue stream, it pays to take a page from the retail marketing handbook and hold a fire sale. After all, it’s worked for brick and mortar businesses since retail was invented, so making it work in the digital age should be a snap!

You might think that a firesale is just a temporary shot in the arm for your business, but in fact, done correctly, a fire sale can help your business grow exponentially!

But let’s face it, if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. That’s why I wrote Firesale Magician – to share the tricks I’ve learned over the years that will help make your fire sale a raging success! Let’s find out how!

Our fast-reading report called FIRESALE MAGICIAN will teach you:

  • How to structure a firesale
  • How to use the element of surprise
  • How to use scarcity as a marketing tool
  • The power of a package deal
  • 6 Ways to keep customers coming back again and again
  • The 3 “DON’Ts” of fire sales

Word of mouth advertising is still the best buzz for your business, and nothing gets tongues wagging like a great deal!

As far as I’m concerned, firesales are the fastest, easiest, and most cost effective way to market your business.

I guarantee that once you read my guide and get started planning your firesale, you’ll understand why I think firesales are the best marketing trick you can have up your sleeve. You’ll see how they can save you time – while allowing you to build a business you can be proud of, quickly, and with little hassle!

Don’t wait any longer to put this proven marketing method to work for your business.


NicheMarketingKit#2What would it be worth to you if you could buy an internet kit that would enable you to make thousands of dollars?

Probably a lot more than what John and Dave are charging for their 60, yeah sixty, high quality products that will take you to the top of your marketing game.

How much would you be willing to pay for the best marketing toolkit available anywhere?

That’s a question only you can answer for this internet package worth over $10,000 dollars.

John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson have been creating great products for years and they’ve outdone themselves and left no stones unturned with this compilation of products that will take you from A to Z in all things internet marketing related.

*Imagine what you could do with a complete traffic generation workshop!

*Who couldn’t use 150,000 articles with full Private Label Rights!

*Perhaps you’re a video guy…we’ve got you covered with the Traffic Generation Video Course!

*Another great moneymaker is the Affiliate Marketing Master Plan PLR package!

The bottom line is this:  John and Dave has provided you with everything you need to make a lot of money just by using your favorite products in this all-encompassing internet marketing kit.

This kind of opportunity does not come around very often…so it is with complete urgency that I’m letting you know…

This is the last day for you to buy this complete Niche Marketing Kit at a fraction of the cost of what it’s worth.

Act Now While It’s Still Available!

Get The Greatest Niche Marketing Kit On The Planet!


John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson have done it again.


to buy the greatest, most outstanding package of niche marketing products that exist on this planet.

This Niche Marketing Kit is so huge, I don’t know where to begin telling you about this.

Okay, okay, let met gather my thoughts and make it easy for you.

Click Here and watch a very short video!

One of the first thing you’ll notice is the countdown clock because this is strictly a Weekend Special.

John and Dave have put a comprehensive kit of niche marketing products worth well over $10,000….yeah this is not a typo, but you won’t have to pay anything near this total, so don’t fret.

Take a look here at what $10K’s worth of marketing products look like.

Here’s what you can get for mere pittance on the dollar


That’s a total of 60 SUPER HIGH QUALITY products well worth over $10,000

Think about what it can do for your business!

You need this to make it to the next level!


Steal this Niche Marketing Kit while you still can!

Do You Utilize Forums For Marketing?

ForumMarketingSecretsIf you are not harnessing the power of forum marketing, you are missing out on a literal gold mine.

Did you know that there are many businesses that got their launch off the ground simply by participating in forum marketing?

Some marketers out there are doing forum marketing, but they are doing it poorly, and not getting very many sales.

Let me show you the right way by introducing you to FORUM MARKETING SECRETS

This is a collection of 20 professionally recorded videos with 80 total minutes of content that will teach you everything you need to know about forum marketing.

Here are some of the things you will learn:

  1. The Importance of Forum Marketing
  2. Things You Can Promote with Forum Marketing
  3. How to Find The Best Forums to Market On
  4. How to Create an Effective Signature
  5. How to Establish Yourself as an Expert
  6. How to Find the Best Posts to Participate In
  7. How to Track Your Results
  8. How to Explore a Joint Venture on a Forum
  9. The Five Keys to Forum Marketing Success

Forum Marketing Secrets will show you how to jump in and start building a real business reputation on popular forums in a sheer matter of hours.

If you respond immediately, you’ll also receive this 20 page book,jam-packed with tons of great information on how to become a master at forum marketing. It supplements the videos.

Remember, there are tons of people looking to buy your products. Help them out by appearing and utilizing forums to the fullest.

Last Day For Simple $100 A Day Profit System!

Simple$100SystemLook guys, I wrote about this SIMPLE PROFIT SYSTEM a few days ago.

Explained how great this system is!

Told you what a no-brainer of a deal this was!

So, why haven’t you gotten on board?

Were you expecting to become a millionaire overnight?

Did you expect to do nothing and get everything in return?

Oh, I get it.  The $100 a day isn’t enough!

I can understand that $36,500 a year is nothing to brag about but if you think that’s the maximum amount of money you can make with SIMPLE PROFIT SYSTEM, then you haven’t grasped the magnitude of what’s really possible.


What Mr. Moore said is $100 a day is what he makes in his least profitable niche.

What he really makes is quite a bit more…and you can also.

All you need to do is get the system and follow it.

It’s very simple.

Act Now and get the SIMPLE PROFIT SYSTEM while it’s still available for a “song and dance”.

BTW, Rod says his least profitable niche is now making him $111+ a day.

Don’t you want to say goodby to your boss and have your own business?


Secret Shortcut To Article Marketing!

SpinnerProWant to know the secret shortcut to article marketing that will blow your profits through the roof?

I’m not going to make you read the entire article to find out the secret…so here it is.

The shortcut that’ll rocket your article marketing to the top is…Spinned Articles.

But let me explain before you say these articles are unreadable or duplicated content.

These are articles that is written in a specific spin syntax, giving different sentence and word variations so that you can spin it to create multiple unique articles.

This specific spin syntax is written by our powerful SPINNER PRO software which is a suite of 2 brand new software products that make writing spinnable articles and turning existing PLR content into unique spun content a breeze.

Power Tool #1: SPIN WRITER PRO

It’s a specially designed editing tool with synonym look up that can generate syntax as you go.  It also contains:

  • Massive Synonym Library Built in
  • Builds the spyntax for you
  • Built in article spinner
  • Nested Spyntax support
  • Full Spell Checker


Easy Auto Spinner will spit out spun versions using one of two methods (or it can  use both methods at once).  And each time you run Easy Auto Spinner on a folder it will produce different spun content.

Once you’ve seen how quick and easy it is to create articles, you’ll find yourself  ready, willing, and able to quickly snag ALL the high profit and free organic traffic — starting immediately.

Take action now and reserve your copy of Spinner Pro Software today and I’ll include these 2 valuable BONUSES:

  • Bonus #1: Complete “Quick Start” Tutorial Videos

This is a complete step-by-step video series showing you how to set up and use each piece of software.


This MRR is a very special LIMITED TIME OFFER..(and may be pulled at any time)  So Take Advantage And Order Right Now ArrowLeftBluewhile it’s still available

Article Marketing is one of the most vital parts to generating money online and far too many marketers skip this step and wonder WHY they struggle to make money online.

Join the ranks of the successful marketers who know how to quickly and easily create articles for ANY niche — which results in a flash flood of free organic traffic, better quality scores, and more money faster!

BigProfitArticleMarketingIt’s no secret that the key to making money on the Internet is traffic.

The more traffic you can drive, the more money you will make. It’s a simple equation.

When it comes to finding that traffic though, there are many different ways to find the people you need.

But the most effective ways of these free ways to drive traffic is to write and publish articles to different article hubs.

BIG PROFIT ARTICLE MARKETING will teach you what is quickly becoming the best way around.

This step-by-step e-Book will show you how to:

  • Write Articles That’ll Be The Most Effective Possible!
  • Learn To Drive The Type Of Traffic That’ll Buy Immediately!
  • Discover How To Write Articles And Combine Them With Social Bookmarking Sites!
  • Drive Traffic To Profit From Other People’s Sites!
  • Turn Your Articles Into A Cash Flow Bonanza!
  • Sell Your Articles For A Profit!

Article writing is only effective if it is done correctly. With this book, you’ll learn all the latest methods that are proven successful.

One of the reasons that Big Profit Article Marketing is so effective is that it helps you separate your website as different, unique and noteworthy.

It also shows you how to create articles that highlight the true value of your products and establish yourself as a true authority on that subject.

As part of helping you further, we will provide you with THREE exclusive bonuses:

Exclusive Bonus #1: Article Marketing Magic

     This special report reveals what exactly article marketing is and how it can benefit your online business.

Exclusive Bonus #2: Keyword Research Tutorial Video

     A great free keyword research tool that you can use for your research.  You’ll be able to use this tool to find good longtail keywords to target for your article writing.

Exclusive Bonus #3: Articles 4 Newbies

     This complete video series includes the secrets of a successful article and how to create it quickly and easily.

Special Bonus: 1000+ Pre-Spun Review Articles!

     What good is learning all these tricks of the trade if you’re still unsure of how or where to start? We’ll solve that for you by providing you with a bonus pack of 1000+ articles which you can replace with your affiliate links and submit to the major article directories!

As you can see I went all out to make this the best deal possible for you.

ArrowRight2BlueWhen you order the Big Profit Article Marketing system, you’ll get ALL of these amazing bonuses for free.  You’ll have all the tools available to you to get massive traffic, really FAST with article marketing.

How To Find An Army Of Affiliates For Your Products!

AffiliateArmySecretsWant to know how you can build a massive sales force of affiliates to generate profits for you?

That’s the question you may be asking yourself after spending heaps of time, money and effort creating your own product.

This is where affiliate marketing comes in. You’ll get someone to take your products, sell loads of it, and earn a cut of the overall sales

You see, when you create a product, you are a businessman. An online entrepreneur. And entrepreneurs don’t do all the paper work, balance accounts and clean up the place – They hire people to do all those for them!

You can’t spend time taking on all of these duties by yourself if you want to expand your business fast.

Imagine this:

An army of affiliates amounting in the hundreds.. Promoting your products all over the world. it’s true that you have to pay them huge commissions, but that will be dwarfed by the amount of overall profits you’ll reap, won’t it?

AFFILIATE ARMY SECRETS will reveal to you all you’ve ever wanted to know about having a massive army of affiliates who will promote your products like zombies and all you’ll need to do is sit back and reap the harvest!

A few things you’ll discover in this guide include:

  • Why promoting your product through an affiliate network is the easiest way for affiliates to get paid
  • Setting a good commission payout so your affiliates will be happily motivated and your sales rates skyrocket
  • Other methods to motivate your affiliates and have them pumped and ready to pull in massive profits for you
  • Important tools you need to provide your affiliates or they will be disheartened and walk out on you
  • How to get news of your launch across to prospective affiliates effectively and powerfully
  • Reasons why you should offer a review copy of your product to your affiliates to explode their numbers
  • One off-line place where you can recruit potential affiliates while enjoying yourself at the same time
  • Using the forum to keep an eye on your rivals and promote your product without sweat
  • Why some marketers out there rave about the ‘Two Tier’ affiliate system and how it explodes your affiliate foot soldier platoon size like nothing else
  • A sneaky, little known method that brings you free and quality traffic for your product and affiliate programs
  • Leveraging on web 2.0 as a free and effective affiliate recruitment center
  • One simple tool journalists use that could generate fast and furious interest in your affiliate products

Either continue to do things they way they are , hope for change and wonder why you haven’t attracted top selling affiliates to your sites …


ArrowRightLBlueSmall Grab a guide which shows you the no BS, simple yet detailed method of attracting hordes and hordes of affiliates who will willingly and desperately want to promote your products for you.

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